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I have considered a long time to open my own blog. I have tried it once with not so good results. I did not have time enough to write down my blog posts. I was also wondering whether to write in English or Finnish. I read mainly English speaking foreign blogs and news about inbound marketing, tourism development and technical innovations which I am going to forward on this blog and therefore it is written in English.

I am a woman over my fourties from Southern Finland, worked whole life on tourism sector and find technology very interesting. Combining tourism and ICT will be my main focus and of course marketing itself.

People on tourism sector or interested in inbound marketing are the focus group of my blog. SME entrepreneurs as well cause I will try to put here tips for marketing online with own small budget.

I hope someone will find this blog useful somehow. For me it will be a joy to share my findings. Always wanted to share my findings. Let’s see how it rolls…