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Time has passed and I have not been able to write posts for a big while. I have been busy working on a tourism projects, working as a marketing manager and auditing websites.  Soon I will have more time to do my own desktop researches about online marketing and digital trends. Those subjects that I find so fashinating.

Lately I have been reading a book about digital marketing analytics. It has opened my eyes wider about the big data’s importance. We used to market blind folded and now we have so much material to look into and catch the right audience. Almost too much material. And the book gave me a few tips to consider when diving into online marketing analytics. The book I read was Digital Marketing Analytics by Chuck Heman and Ken Burbary, published 2013. Of course there is this note that when you publish a book, it is already old fashioned, at least on topic online marketing. I know, I am following the topics on blogs as well. 🙂

Do you want to see how companies look what we are doing on Internet?

See the data collection map? It shows how data is collected during your web surfing sessions. It is a fun browser plug-in that has been developed by It operates in Chrome and it’s called Collusion.



By the way it is pretty dark here in Finland at this time of year. But the trees look really beautiful even without their leaves.

Tree without leaves

Tree without leaves