Multilingual pages and Google translate

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Marketing
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The worst you can do is to put a landing page with selection of languages to your website where from to continue. When marketing to certain area of the world which is not your home country, you need to know a few things. Of course one of the most important one is the language. If you are not able to use native speaking persons to build up your “foreign” website, you may use the Google translate as well. It is not a perfect translation, but it will get the main points crossed. Still prefer that the English speaking websites to build up, not just translated.

Having Google translate to your website

Navigate to:

To your website, select all options and generate the code snippet. Translate the whole page, select the language or select exactly which languages translated to. You may also put it also a “translate box” banner to your website and follow it via Google analytics. Put the snippet code to your site.

Global friendly website TOP 15

Here is collected a few important tips for a global website.

  1. Use country extensions on your new website
  2. Use cross-domain canonical tags to avoid duplication
  3. Set up local servers to speed up and help searching
  4. Use local mailing address
  5. Use geotargeting on webmaster tools
  6. Use UTF-8 compliant software to have different international characters
  7. Specify keywords per country
  8. Use one language per webpage
  9. Use right search engines per country
  10. Use local directories
  11. Use inbound links on that certain country
  12. Use global fonts like arial or verdana
  13. Check color connotations
  14. Know the local marketing rules and laws
  15. Know the country and it’s culture



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