Marketing channels and personalization

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Marketing
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Been searching several websites for different kind of information about marketing and trends during last few weeks. I have had some free time and enjoyed surfing around. 🙂

Marketing channel list

Many times thought that should make a list of the marketing channels, but now I found this David Sealey’s nice list (shown below with some appearance changes). Some channels might be missing but the list is quite amazing. How the companies have all the time and effort to do this kind of marketing? How to pick the right channels? No wonder there are developed different kind of tools to help the marketers operate many channels with one dashboard.

Marketing Channels by David Sealey (2013):

Marketing channels

No segments, no to personalization?

We are talking about keywords, segments, personalization and there is even trends that there are no marketing segments in the future? Read more from Rohit Talwar: . Does this mean that we need to have channels optimized for each customer? The collected search information of your search behaviour follows you to all apps, software, programs and web stores?   Now we have this demographic-based marketing from Facebook, Twitter, magazines which are not the exact truth? In the future we will have channels where you have the exact customers with exact offerings, no more random findings? Is that what we want, always the same results?  Specified products, designs, offerings? Just thinking that the customers old habits labels someone  to a certain customer and you are stick to that? Are we not able to choose ourselves? I find this bad direction if people are being manipulated, people want to make their own choices.

No wonder some people are turning of their cookies or searching incognito. The search results differ whether you are signed into Google for example. I myself find my searches too narrow and want to see different choices, not only from my own perspective. Therefore I  use pages like StumbleUpon to see different kind of things. The key to innovation is knowledge, different kind of knowledge and combining the information together. Best way to find new things is to stumble. We are curious people who want to know what the competitor and neighbor do. We are also monkeys who want to ape fellow mates 😀

To every post I will try to put some personal pictures.

Summer is almost here (pictures taken from Korkeasaari in Helsinki on May 12th)

Summer is almost here




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