Time has passed and I have not been able to write posts for a big while. I have been busy working on a tourism projects, working as a marketing manager and auditing websites.  Soon I will have more time to do my own desktop researches about online marketing and digital trends. Those subjects that I find so fashinating.

Lately I have been reading a book about digital marketing analytics. It has opened my eyes wider about the big data’s importance. We used to market blind folded and now we have so much material to look into and catch the right audience. Almost too much material. And the book gave me a few tips to consider when diving into online marketing analytics. The book I read was Digital Marketing Analytics by Chuck Heman and Ken Burbary, published 2013. Of course there is this note that when you publish a book, it is already old fashioned, at least on topic online marketing. I know, I am following the topics on blogs as well. ūüôā

Do you want to see how companies look what we are doing on Internet?

See the data collection map? It shows how data is collected during your web surfing sessions. It is a fun browser plug-in that has been developed by disconnect.me. It operates in Chrome and it’s called Collusion.



By the way it is pretty dark here in Finland at this time of year. But the trees look really beautiful even without their leaves.

Tree without leaves

Tree without leaves


Free digital marketing white papers to read ūüôā

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Have been reading many SEO books and many of them have told that a way to get more traffic to your website is to quickly write about something new that people are searching from Internet. As seen in this following video. Not so good idea.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/66772990″>Todd Greene: The Mistakes Marketers Make</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/psfk”>Piers Fawkes</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

There are so amazing infographics and pictures about cool marketing information on Internet. You can get so much useful information without crawling ¬†too may webpages. I have been collecting some marketing infographics to my Pinterest account. Here is the link there, hope you find it useful. If you have some good ones to suggest, kindly give hints on comments section. ¬†ūüôā http://pinterest.com/ninajarvelainen/marketing/

marketing on pinterest

The next picture I have found very helpful and informative. Hopefully you will get as much out of it as I did earlier.

digital mindmap

You may download it to you here: http://digitalmindmaps.com/

Source: http://digitalmindmaps.com/downloads/digitalmindmaps.com%20-%20digital%20marketing%20mind%20map.pdf

The worst you can do is to put a landing page with selection of languages to your website where from to continue. When marketing to certain area of the world which is not your home country, you need to know a few things. Of course one of the most important one is the language. If you are not able to use native speaking persons to build up your “foreign” website, you may use the Google translate as well. It is¬†not a perfect translation, but it will get the main points crossed. Still prefer that the English speaking websites to build up, not just translated.

Having Google translate to your website

Navigate to: http://translate.google.com/translate_tools

To your website, select all options and generate the code snippet. Translate the whole page, select the language or select exactly which languages translated to. You may also put it also a ‚Äútranslate box‚ÄĚ banner to your website and follow it via Google analytics. Put the snippet code to your site.

Global friendly website TOP 15

Here is collected a few important tips for a global website.

  1. Use country extensions on your new website
  2. Use cross-domain canonical tags to avoid duplication
  3. Set up local servers to speed up and help searching
  4. Use local mailing address
  5. Use geotargeting on webmaster tools
  6. Use UTF-8 compliant software to have different international characters
  7. Specify keywords per country
  8. Use one language per webpage
  9. Use right search engines per country
  10. Use local directories
  11. Use inbound links on that certain country
  12. Use global fonts like arial or verdana
  13. Check color connotations
  14. Know the local marketing rules and laws
  15. Know the country and it’s culture



Rhubarbs growing in my home garden. ūüôā





Some companies don’t feel like getting conversion out of Facebook marketing. It is hard to get fans and they do not click or comment anything. Once you get fans, you need to be aware to post frequently, not too often though. You need to put pictures and videos or funny stuff to get the message go viral. If you have a small company with limited budget and resources, what then? You need to use your friends and relatives to get more fans? Annoying? Stay out of Facebook? What are the statistics for advertising on Facebook and what is the ROI? How does it change¬†whether¬†you sell clothes or leisure travel products for example? Who are the winners? How about FB users behaviour in Finland and Sweden?

As you look the TOP 10 Facebook companies from Finland and Sweden, you will find out that the companies as brands differ a lot. Finnish fans have found the original Finnish brands the top, mostly retail shops, but look at the Swedes, there are global brands number one. This shows that the Finnish Facebook behaviour is totally different, the sea is between us. ūüėČ ¬†For Gigantti we all know that their sales trick is to give nice offers for FB fans. What about the Coca-Cola in Sweden? Nicely put ads or videos that have gone viral?

FB works differently depending on country and it’s culture. Remember to take a closer look to marketing platform and it’s demographics before using it.

TOP 10 Facebook companies in Finland

Original TOP10 list from here: http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-statistics/finland

TOP10 Facebook Sweden

Original page for Sweden: http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-statistics/sweden

To the end I have collected here some useful information about FB.

1. Here is a presentation about the FB ROI on Slideshare from XPLAIN.

wtf welcom to facebook ads

2. This shows you some free social media monitoring tools.
free social media tools

Original source: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/social-media-monitoring-tools/?wide=1

If you want to stay on focus what’s happening on Facebook, look below. Source: Smart Insights¬†by Dave Chaffey:

Key sources for the latest information on Facebook


We want more and more prosperity, companies need more profit, more selling by numerous ways. Salesmen are pushing their products through internet, doors, mailbox, postbox everywhere…buy buy buy they say. How to sell with a tactic that people come to you?


Here is a nice video about this¬†bull tractor¬†scenery. ūüėČ

The Naked Brand – Official Trailer from The Naked Brand on Vimeo.



Been searching several websites for different kind of information about marketing and trends during last few weeks. I have had some¬†free time¬†and enjoyed surfing around. ūüôā

Marketing channel list

Many times thought that should make a list of the marketing channels, but now I found this David Sealey’s nice list (shown below with some appearance changes). Some channels might be missing but the list is quite amazing. How the companies have all the time and effort to do this kind of marketing? How to pick the right channels? No wonder there are developed different kind of tools to help the marketers operate many channels with one dashboard.

Marketing Channels by David Sealey (2013):

Marketing channels

No segments, no to personalization?

We are talking about keywords, segments, personalization and there is even trends that there are no marketing segments in the future? Read more from Rohit Talwar: http://hotelexecutive.com/business_review/2699/hotels-2020-responding-to-tomorrows-customer-and-the-evolution-of-technology . Does this mean that we need to have channels optimized for each customer? The collected search information of your search behaviour follows you to all apps, software, programs and web stores?   Now we have this demographic-based marketing from Facebook, Twitter, magazines which are not the exact truth? In the future we will have channels where you have the exact customers with exact offerings, no more random findings? Is that what we want, always the same results?  Specified products, designs, offerings? Just thinking that the customers old habits labels someone  to a certain customer and you are stick to that? Are we not able to choose ourselves? I find this bad direction if people are being manipulated, people want to make their own choices.

No wonder some people are turning of their cookies or searching¬†incognito. The search results differ whether you are signed into Google for example.¬†I myself find my searches too narrow and want to see different choices, not only from my own perspective. Therefore I ¬†use pages like StumbleUpon¬†to see different kind of things. The key to innovation is knowledge, different kind of knowledge and combining the information together. Best way to find new things is to¬†stumble. We are curious people who want to know what the competitor and neighbor do. We are also monkeys who want to ape fellow mates ūüėÄ

To every post I will try to put some personal pictures.

Summer is almost here (pictures taken from Korkeasaari in Helsinki on May 12th)

Summer is almost here



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digital marketing project

This picture above shows remarkably all the the things we should take in notice when doing almost everything. Marketing is teamwork and customer is the key. How to keep the whole operating team in the same level of understanding.

For example when building a website as a hub for marketing, when considering the keywords and when the “copycat” puts all online. Project takes all of us to work together and the information understood the same way. This is not to know all, this is making teamwork and listening the customer. ¬†To make a successful marketing campaign, you need the knowhow and mutual understanding.

I will try to collect here my findings and give small tips for SME’s. Still remember that one thing leads to another.

I have considered a long time to open my own blog. I have tried it once with not so good results. I did not have time enough to write down my blog posts. I was also wondering whether to write in English or Finnish. I read mainly English speaking foreign blogs and news about inbound marketing, tourism development and technical innovations which I am going to forward on this blog and therefore it is written in English.

I am a woman over my fourties from Southern Finland, worked whole life on tourism sector and find technology very interesting. Combining tourism and ICT will be my main focus and of course marketing itself.

People on tourism sector or interested in inbound marketing are the focus group of my blog. SME entrepreneurs as well cause I will try to put here tips for marketing online with own small budget.

I hope someone will find this blog useful somehow. For me it will be a joy to share my findings. Always wanted to share my findings. Let’s see how it rolls…